How do I cook frozen parathas?

How do you heat a frozen paratha in the microwave?

Cooking Instructions

Heat MENU homestyle paratha on a preheated pan on a medium heat. Flipping sides until its ready. Remove frozen MENU homestyle paratha from bag, place on microwave safe plate and heat it for 1 minute.

Are frozen paratha good?

Why are they bad

The health properties of frozen foods like parathas, fries, meats, and desserts are questionable. This is because their ingredients will not be the same as freshly made meals. A major concern is the use of partially hydrogenated palm oil which might have hidden, dangerous trans fats.

Can you freeze uncooked parathas?

One way out is to make the parathas whenever you find time and freeze them. If done right, the frozen whole wheat parathas stay good for at least one month. You can take out the required number of frozen parathas and thaw them whenever you want.

How do I cook frozen roti prata?


  1. • Pan Fry.
  2. Pre-heat a non stick pan, no cooking oil is needed.
  3. Remove the prata from the pack (do not defrost) and pan fry each side with medium heat fro 3 minutes or till golden brown.
  4. • Oven Bake.
  5. Preheat oven to 180°C.
  6. Remove the prata from the pack but do not defrost.
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How do I reheat paratha?

How to reheat paratha?

  1. Microwave: Keep on a paper towel and heat for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Stovetop Tawa: Heat each side until the paratha is soft again. Apply some ghee to make it fresher tasting.

How do you keep parathas soft?

How to keep paratha soft

  1. Keep them covered using kitchen tissues or clean cloth.
  2. Place a cloth or kitchen napkin in a casserole or a box, stack them. Keep them covered.
  3. Do not fry them on a low flame as this will harden them.

What happens if you eat too much frozen food?

Frozen food contains large amount of trans fat, which can not only clog arteries but also leave you prone to heart diseases. It also increases your body’s cholesterol levels, which further leads to several heart problems.

Is frozen Indian food bad?

Healthy Frozen Indian foods. Generally, people have this preconceived notion that frozen food is unhealthy. But, that is not the case. Even if the food is frozen, it does not lose its nutritional value.

Is frozen paratha safe during pregnancy?

Yes, as long as you store, handle and cook ready meals properly, and follow the instructions on the packaging.

What is Shana paratha?

Shana – Original Paratha, 5 Each

A Traditional Unleavened South Asian Flatbread with a Soft Flaky Texture and a Truly Authentic Aroma and Taste.

How do you reheat frozen Rotis?

Tip four: Place the frozen roti in a microwave for 60 seconds or until they are warm. Tip five: To reheat leftover roti, place them on a preheated pan and cover with tin foil to keep it moist. Tip six: Shallow fry leftover roti on a pan with some butter.

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Can you refrigerate paratha dough?

Never leave your kneaded dough uncovered or in out of the refrigerator for long hours, especially during summers. This can result in growth of bacteria that may cause food poisoning. Make sure you store your dough in a good quality high grade plastic container and keep it refrigerated at all times.