What kind of pan do you cook risotto in?

Can I cook risotto in a saucepan?

Use a heavy-based saucepan or casserole dish when making risotto, as you don’t want it burning as you cook. Always work the rice, stirring it in the pan. This way the rice cooks evenly, which is very important. … This way you get the great creamy texture that a good risotto should have.

Can you cook risotto in a stainless steel pan?

High sides: we love the shape and size of this pan for making risottos. The sides are nice and high so you can get a really good stir going without spilling or having to be too gentle. Great lid: the stainless steel lid sits firmly and snuggly on the pan, great for holding in heat.

Is cast iron good for risotto?

Cast iron is perfect as the heavy bottom ensures the risotto cooks evenly and the heat is distributed so that the rice cooks evenly. Also things cooked in cast iron just taste better!

Can you use a wok for risotto?

To make risotto, you’ll want to use a large pan that’s fairly wide, but still with nice deep sides. Personally, I always use my wok to make risotto – it may not be a traditional Italian pan, but it’s big enough that there’s plenty of room for stirring! … If you don’t have a wok, just use your biggest, deepest frying pan.

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Can you cook risotto in a paella pan?

This Paella Risotto is an easier way to make that classic Spanish rice dish, and the best part is you don’t even need a fancy pan to make it!

What is a straight sided skillet?

A sauté pan has straight sides (the pan on the left in the photo above). It has a larger surface area, which makes it ideal for tasks like searing meat or reducing a pan sauce. … To add to the confusion, this pan is also sometimes called a frypan or frying pan.