Can you cook a pie in Pyrex?

Is Pyrex good for pies?

The classic Pyrex 9″ Glass Pie Plate is best for those who want a dish that’s shallower than the relatively spacious OXO and Emile Henry plates. It’s especially great for custard and cream pies, but it works well for fruit pies, too, especially if you like a higher crust-to-fruit ratio.

Is it better to bake a pie in glass or metal?

Although metal pans conduct heat better, glass more than makes up for that because it is clear, so radiant energy can pass through the pan and help the crust bake. … That means that although glass takes slightly longer to reach the same temperature as the oven, it cooks crusts faster and darker.

What can I use if I don’t have a pie pan?

Pie Pan Substitutes

  1. Cake pan. If you don’t have a pie pan, you can use a cake pan for baking your pie. …
  2. Tart pans. Another substitute for a pie pan is a tart pan with a removable bottom. …
  3. Muffin pans. Muffin pans are suitable substitutes for pie pans, especially when you want to make mini pies. …
  4. Baking paper.

What is the best material for pie pans?

Ceramic: While ceramic plates are typically more expensive, they are usually my top choice. Ceramic plates, in my opinion, provide the best of both worlds — they conduct slow, even heat, similar to glass pie plates, but they also provide a beautiful serving vessel.

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Can I use glass instead of metal pan?

Basically, glass transfers more heat than metal, and thus you need to lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit when baking in a glass baking dish. Dark metal pans will also cook somewhat hotter than shiny metal pans, although not as much faster as glass pans. …

Can you put Pyrex on baking steel?

Instead of baking the bread in a Dutch oven, simply flip the dough onto a preheated pizza steel, place the inverted heat-safe Pyrex bowl over the top, and place it in the oven.

Can you put cold Pyrex in the oven?

Pyrex is safe for storage in the freezer, and the Pyrex website states that the glassware can go directly from the freezer and to an oven temperature of around 300 degrees. This will give the glassware time to warm up and adjust to the extreme temperature change once placed in the oven.

Can I make a pie without a pie plate?

Using Jus-Rol™ Frozen ready rolled Shortcrust Pastry Sheets – which come in two discs – it is possible to make a quick pie without using a pie dish or tin. Unroll one pastry disc and lay on a piece of baking paper, pile your chosen filling on to the pastry leaving a border all round.

Can you make pie in a nonstick pan?

Always go with an aluminum pan, but avoid the shiny pans. These reflect too much heat, and will cause a soggy crust (not tasty). Also stay away from non-stick pans. These cause shrinkage to your crust, and your pie will leak out the edges (not pretty).

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