What happens to the melting point and boiling point as you go down group 7?

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What happens to the melting and boiling points down group 7?

The melting points and boiling points of the halogens increase going down group 7. This is because, going down group 7: the molecules become larger. more energy is needed to overcome these forces.

How does the boiling point change as you go down group 7?

The boiling and melting points increase as you go down the group. This is because the strength of the Van Der Waals forces (or induced dipole-dipole interactions) increases since the atoms have more electrons as you descend the group. … Volatility decreases down the group as the boiling points increase.

What happens to melting point and boiling point as you go down the group?

Both the melting and boiling points decrease down the group. … The decrease in melting and boiling points reflects the decrease in the strength of each metallic bond. The atoms in a metal are held together by the attraction of the nuclei to electrons which are delocalized over the whole metal mass.

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Why does melting point increase down group1?

Group 1 elements are known as Alkali Metals. … Generally the melting point of the alkali metals decreases down the group. This is because as the ions get larger the distance between the bonding electrons and the positive nucleus gets larger and reduces the overall attraction between the two.

Why the melting points of the elements decrease down Group 1 and increase down group 7?

This attraction is caused by the correlated motion of electrons. With increasing amount of electrons, there can be more correlated motion and hence there is a stronger interaction between the molecules and an increasing melting / boiling point when you go down in group 7.

When group 7 halogens react with metals What happens?

Group 7 elements form salts when they react with metals. The term ‘halogen’ means ‘salt former’.

Why melting point decreases down the group 15?

Ionization energy (the amount of energy required to remove an electron from the atom in its gas phase) decreases down the group. … Melting point (amount of energy required to break bonds to change a solid phase substance to a liquid phase substance) increases down the group.