What is a Konro grill?

What can I cook on Konro grill?

​The Konro performs at it’s very best when used with seafood, thin strips of meat, vegetables or skewers (yakitori / Kushiyaki). It is not advised to use cuts of meat with a high fat content (unless finishing a pre-cooked dish).

Can you use Konro grill indoors?

Never use indoors. The bottom of Konro will become extremely hot. Do not use it on carpets or tatami mats. Use only on a fireproof surface.

Can I use regular charcoal with Konro grill?

Regular Charcoal gives off carbon monoxide. Use it only where there is enough ventilation. If you use it indoors be sure to have sufficient ventilation. The bottom of Konro will become extremely hot.

What fuel do you use in a Konro grill?

This Japanese charcoal grill is great for restaurant use, patio and garden parties. Japanese charcoal burns clean and hot and makes food taste really good! Japanese sumi or binchotan charcoal or natural wood (lump) charcoal is recommended for this konro grill. Burning charcoal inside can kill you.

Can you cook steak on a Konro grill?

Usually, you cook Yakitori (skewers) on the Konro. These skewers are the right size for grilling over hot charcoal. Chicken is the most popular meat. But you can also cook meats like beef ribeye steak, pork, or seafood.

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What is the BBQ James Martin uses?

The Konro grills allow for an exceptionally clean charcoal infusion, locking in natural flavours and preventing a burnt or acrid aftertaste. In an Instagram post, James shared a photo of an enormous fish about to be cooked on one of the grills, and we can only imagine how delicious it turned out.

Does binchotan produce carbon monoxide?

While lump charcoals usually produce thick smoke while grilling with common grill stoves, the Binchotan Charcoals in a Konro Grill is smokeless. … This also makes it more dangerous indoors because you can’t see the smoke that well, and there still is carbon monoxide in the air.

Can you use binchotan inside?

But here’s the kicker: Binchotan briquettes burn so efficiently that you can even use them to grill indoors. … Because Binchotan is so perfectly suited for nearly any type of grilling, whether indoor or out, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your tongs on the stuff.

Can you reuse binchotan?

(Yes, you can reuse binchotan several times by submerging the hot coals in cold water and drying them for another day.)

How do you light a Binchotan on a gas grill?

1. Place charcoal in a charcoal chimney or an old pot with holes in the bottom, directly over a naked flame (Example: side wok burner on your gas barbeque, or a cast iron gas ring from the hardware store, or open flame on your barbeque if high enough output) for about 25 minutes.