How do you cook eggs in the Tupperware breakfast maker?

What is a Tupperware breakfast maker?

The Tupperware Breakfast Maker is the best friend of everyone who wants to prepare quick meals and appetizers with egg in blink of an eye! You save time and energy by cooking in the microwave and prepare nice looking dished thanks to its special nice shape.

Can you make pancakes in Tupperware breakfast maker?

And in the Tupperware Breakfast Maker? Yes! And they are so good too! This entire recipe only takes a total of 5 min. to do and that includes gathering your ingredients.

How do you use decor egg poacher?

Place egg cups in tray. Carefully add boiling water on top of each egg up to the fill line. Cover egg poacher with lid and carefully place in microwave for 1 min 20 seconds. Carefully remove egg poacher from microwave and allow to rest for 1 minute with the lid on.

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